The Infamous First Post

first post

Now that I have decided to start a blog and talk about things concerning my life and interests (to, basically, myself), I have to tackle the probably biggest hurdle: the first ever blog entry.
Maybe I should begin with why I wanted to write a blog. I’ve always loved writing (and reading) but never considered it more than a hobby. I filled notebooks with made up stories as a child and kept a diary quite consistently through the years. Only recently, after racking my brain trying to figure out what I wanted to do after graduating from high school, did it hit me that I most likely wasn’t the one for an office job. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to do something in life that I was passionate about, that would challenge me and that wouldn’t be bound by routine. As I could combine my interest in writing with my love for travelling, I was determined to give it a try. That’s why I enrolled at University to get my Bachelor’s degree in “English and American Studies”. So, now with the background story covered, the question “why a blog?” is still unanswered. I thought of writing a blog because it would be a way to voice my opinions and tell my stories. It would help me practise writing and maybe “force” me to write more regularly. Also, it would be an opportunity to have someone apart from myself read my writing (although I am well aware that most likely nobody would be bothered, every now and then somebody might stumble upon my little blog).
Writing your first post, as hard it might be, however, isn’t the only difficulty you’ll encounter when starting a blog. It took me hours to come up with a user and blog name which both may be rather confusing to anyone reading this. My profile name (Dream Menagerie) is modelled after a play by my favourite playwright Tennessee Williams. The definition of Menagerie -“a strange or diverse collection of people or things”- seems rather fitting for what will happen on here and I chose to call it Dream Menagerie as I am currently on a mission to fulfill my dreams or at least find out what they are (corny, I know). The same thought lead to the blog’s title “Imaginary Reality”.

As I am fairly new to blog posting (I did have a blogspot account several years ago – thank God that’s already been swept under the rug), I am not quite sure in which direction this thing here will head. There will probably be a lot about literature and authors as a big part of my studies are literature and it’s history but I won’t exclusively stick to those. Some of my own experiences, adventures and progress in maturing could find their way on here (you might get a good laugh out of them for I am quite clumsy).
There really isn’t more to say in a first blog post than this and to prevent myself from rambling off, I will stop here… I mean, I don’t want to scare off anyone on the first day!


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