How well do we know each other?





It has been a while since my last post. I’ve been quite stressed lately therefore I didn’t really find the time to work on a new post. Racking my brain to come up with a topic, I decided to “ramble” for the first time instead of writing about literature.

A few weeks ago, I stayed at a friend’s for the weekend. She is a former high school classmate and friend who has moved to another city to study. We had a great time but after a few deeper conversations, I realized that there were so many things I didn’t know about her. Obviously, this was quite a surprise as I have known her for 8 years which is why it lead me to wonder – How well do we actually know the people around us? People we consider close friends.

It is easy to take friends and family for granted and to believe that as you spend most of your time with them you automatically know them well. Of course, “COMMUNICATION is the key”, but still, one will only to know as much as the other is willing to share. How do you know then whether the way you view those around you is correct. Doubtlessly, everybody has their secrets which they share with only a small group of people, if at all. But why does one feel so shocked when hearing of things about their family and friends they would have never associated with them? I think it is because we long to know everything, especially about the people we trust. Even more so when we feel as if they know everything / a lot about us.

However, can we really expect to fully comprehend the actions, opinions, etc of others when most likely we don’t really understand ourselves?


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