1 Year Anniversary, and What the Future Holds

Just a few minutes ago I received a notification congratulating me – apparently today is my blog’s 1 year anniversary!! Unfortunately, this does not mean that much as my blog has been pretty much inactive for most of 2014. I have not been posting regularly for a year, in fact there are only a few posts, which were written between October and December of 2013. However, as already mentioned in my last two posts, I am determined to have another shot at it!

So far I’ve come up with a few ideas for my next blog entries, but I still have to sort things out (I promise I won’t write any of this in my next post – I’m already becoming repetitive!!). I also spontaneously decided to partake in The Daily Post’s #Blogging201 challenge, which will hopefully help me along the way.

The first task was to set myself three goals for my blog. To get all participants going we were given two prompts: “Why do you blog?” and “If your blog exceeds your wildest dreams, what would that look like?” Well my answers would be that I blog because I love writing and reading, I am interested in what other people have to say, whether it is about their daily life or their thoughts, interests, and opinions, and because I want some of my own thoughts, interests, and opinions voiced as well. Having anybody read my posts or leave a comment already exceeded my expectations, so I’ve already achieved that one.

Regarding the three goals – I don’t really blog to get tons of followers or “gain notoriety”. I do it because it is fun coming up with ideas to write about and then seeing people respond to it. Also, I think it is really amazing meeting and communicating with other bloggers, so I guess you could say I am here for the friendships, as well.

As far as my three goals go:

1) Publish at least once a week until the end of this year.

2) Find more interesting blogs to follow and draw inspiration from how they chose to represent themselves.

3) Have more faith in myself! It often feels weird posting “random things” on the internet because I cannot imagine anyone wanting to know about what’s happening with me but that is what blogging is all about.

That is all from me for now!! I will probably upload my next post on Saturday as it is the 25th and therefore marks the anniversary of my first post (I checked and it seems that I must have started my blog on the 21.10.2014 but did not publish anything before the 25th).


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