Bad Days and Finding Motivation

So, the past three or four days were not my best. I’ve been quite stressed and a lot of things definitely were not going right. I had to deal with work, organize a trip abroad, and family issues. To be honest, for most of this week I’ve been feeling miserable and frustrated. I find that during those phases in which one thing or another does not work out the way they’re supposed to, one very easily starts to focus on everything one is not happy with. Instead of reminding myself of all the good stuff in my life, I can only think of my worries.

Fortunately, experience so far has already shown me that life cannot always be dandy and there are rough times ahead, always. Learning to cope with those and finding ways how to change the situation/ solve the problem is essential. What’s also important is to accept that things don’t always work out and to realize that there is not only one possible way. Rather think of there being several different options to choose from and that even if taking one particular route is impossible there still are other paths to take.

I’m not quite sure why I decided to share this – I was originally going to blog about something completely different but then I remembered a gif I had once seen on tumblr:

It has been on my mind for quite some time, mostly because I have been guilty of such thoughts. Comparing myself and my “achievements” to others my age sometimes makes me feel as if I am not accomplishing anything. I know that this is the wrong attitude to evaluate what I am doing; however, we do live in a very competitive society which does encourage comparisons to be made between oneself and others.

I actually don’t know why that is and how we’ve gotten to this point for everybody’s going not only at a different pace but also has different goals and aspirations. It frankly does not make sense to make yourself feel bad because somebody else is making their dreams come true, especially as often times your dreams are not even the same ones.

In such cases (i.e. when I do feel down) I find it helpful to look at corny, motivational quotes and pictures for inspiration. Maybe it’ll work for you too!


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