Random Ramblings

I’ve got to admit: I haven’t posted anything for over a week. I am really happy that I have not broken my promise to post once a week yet (my last entry was last week!); however, apart from the last two weeks I’ve actually managed to write more than once since I started blogging again. The reason for my “unproductiveness” is that I have a big work load still in need to get done for Uni – and as I am a procrastinator, I often find myself STRESSED because I left everything until the very last minute. I think I might be somewhat back on track again (luckily I have found some will power this week to just sit down and get it over with).

There are sooo many things I would like to write about and blog post ideas are always floating around in my head, so I am positive that I will get back into my routine soon.

Today was a sad day for me as well as today marks my grandmother’s first death anniversary. It seems crazy that it has already been one year since she’s gone and I do miss her a lot.

This is a rather short, random rambling post, but oh well…


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