Appreciating Life


I feel like we are constantly in quest of happiness. Sometimes so much that we tend to forget about all the good (small) things in life and therefore, we become less and less appreciative. Things like sunshine, nature, laughter, and good conversations (the list is endless) should not be overlooked. They should be savoured.

Captured the beautiful sunset in my hometown last week
Captured the beautiful sunset in my hometown last week
Pink Clouds
Pink Clouds

4 thoughts on “Appreciating Life

  1. “Life is beautiful” – i think its easier to say it, as we know, than to apply it. Everyday i feel something like bad mood, w/o smile on my face and when im tired to be so, i tell myself: stop, go, and live. Sometimes there are things that make me sad – like the past and most of the time, i actually don’t know why. Im not able to find any “good” reason. I try to convince myself that – all my “problems” are not serious, that we really don’t care about fails, in order to shape a pretty grin and get motivation to do something today. I know that. But despite knowing, im falling really deep. Crying and swearing that its a fucking life. We are probably all afraid of future, fails and loneliness, but today, i just wanna say, looking at the window – im not keen of snow too – that i actually dont deserve a better life.


  2. Yes, I agree with you. I don’t think that anyone can go through life always thinking that everything’s going right. But I try to tell myself that, at the end of the day, it is not worth it focusing on “the bad stuff”. I know that can be really really difficult sometimes – try to find something that takes your mind of your bad thoughts!!
    Well, I think even though your own problems might not seem that big from a world point of view they still matter to you or worry you. It has nothing to do with whether we deserve a better (or worse) life; we just have to work with what we’ve got and seize the opportunities we are given. I feel it is sometimes difficult to figure things out when negative thoughts are blocking our mind; I found that truly accepting what’s going on in my life and reminding myself that I can shape my future (to some extent) helps to think and be more positive and, therefore, productive.

    Hope that helped a bit. Thanks for commenting :)
    x Lauren


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