The past few days I’ve been thinking about my blog and how it’s been going since I started writing again. While I may not have always kept my promise of posting once a week, I’m still quite happy with myself for continuing to blog.

One thing I realized, though, is that I rarely (ok, never) write anything on books and literature, which, apart from being one of my biggest passions, were among the reasons I even started this blog. The subheader says Literary Musings, after all… Therefore, I have decided to try and write more on books and literature starting this weekend. Having finished several good books recently (among them The Book Thief and Generation X) and about to tackle my huge pile of ‘to-be-read’ books, I’m positive I will come up with blog ideas quite easily.

That’s it for now – Lit Post is on its way!


image source: styleandthecityxoxo.wordpress.com
image source: styleandthecityxoxo.wordpress.com

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