Setting yourself goals… and actually achieving them

set and reach goal concept

It’s now been about three months since my blog post Here & Now and I am happy to say that my outlook on life has changed. Not to say that keeping my spirits up hasn’t been difficult and there have been some low points in between but I’ve finally reached that stage of feeling at ease with how things are going. Little has actually changed, I just seem to “enjoy life more” (as cheesy and clichée as this sounds) simply by taking everything as it comes, day by day. Since focusing on what really matters right now, I find myself to be so much happier.

Also, I’ve learnt quite a bit these past few months. One thing would be that setting yourself goals is only worth it when you’re going to be strategic about their realization. I figured out that one needs a certain amount of willpower, ambition, drive, and dedication to actually achieve one’s big goals (duh) and that always sticking to these is sort of hard. What I’ve come to understand, as well, is that one cannot overlook small goals and achievements just for the sake of the bigger ones: there is a certain order one has to follow. As the saying goes: “Rome was not built in a day”, neither will all your dreams and wishes come true all at once.

With that in mind, I decided to not only think about what I would like to change in the future but what I would like to change now. Today. Asking yourself that question and working towards those minor goals can actually provide really good practice: I now know how to motivate myself to do things that need to be done (it took me 19 years!!!). That feeling after having checked everything off your to-do list is amazing and never fails to brighten my mood.

So, to sum up: my point is that everyone has dreams, hopes, goals they want to see fulfilled/achieved and although one should never lose sight of these, it is crucial to not only work on one’s future but also one’s presence. With the right attitude, even the most mundane, trivial day will seem extraordinary!

You are as happy as you make your mind up to be


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