The day has come. I’ve officially left behind my teenage years and entered my twenties! I’m thrilled to say that I’m still excited about it all despite the past weeks of madness. As I’ve mentioned in one of my last post, I’ve had tons to write for uni term papers; on top of that I was caught up in the midst of changing jobs, which meant a lot of additional worki to get my hours together and job interviews. I was really struggling to keep up with everything and also missed pretty much all the deadlines I’ve set for myself. BUT I MANAGED (barely though!).

And now I can enjoy my summer break :)

Today was such a lovely day!! I saw and spoke to the people I love most, got to catch up with all my friends, it was nice weather, and, of course, lots of food!!

Highlights of the day:

1) Going out for breakfast with my parents

Started off the day with opening some presents and then going out for breakfast with my parents.

Photo 27.07.15 02 27 05

my favourite summer perfumes :)
my favourite summer perfumes :)
My home town: Salzburg
My home town: Salzburg


2) All the lovely messages

Throughout the day I was sent soo many sweet messages, got a call from my aunt and cousin in Jamaica, and skyped with one of my closest friends who’s currently living in the U.S. (and from whom I’ve got some really pretty things sent in the mail <3)

love this little gem sent by a friend ;)
love this little gem sent by a friend ;)

3) My Birthday Part(ies)

Despite my having finished the last thing I needed to write for Uni only one day before my birthday, already the whole weekend consisted of going out to celebrate. Tonight, as I’m leaving early tomorrow morning, I just went out to dinner with my friends but it was really nice as I haven’t seen some of them in such a long time!

So, to conclude, I definitely enjoyed today to the fullest and am excited to see what the future year holds. That is all from me (newly 20yo Lauren) for now. Hope you’re having a good day :)



4 thoughts on “It’s my Birthday!!

  1. I reaaaaaally really like to read your words. Magic, sweetness and passion (and perfect english). Im happy to know that your D-day was good. You deserve these holidays; enjoy every minute of your life. Miss you <3

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