Since my last post – written a bit over a month ago – quite a bit has changed/happened. Most importantly, my mood has been lifted since then and I am not as anxious or pessimistic about my future anymore.

At the beginning of this month I finally received my B.A. in English and American Studies. I still have no clue as to what exactly I will be doing next; right now I am trying to just take some time to figure everything out. Especially considering that I at times doubted that I would even graduate at all these past months, I am relieved more than anything ;) The pressure of getting everything done and not being able to keep to my writing schedule was really stressful, so I am thankful for this little break.

For the time being I’ve decided to work on my writing a bit more conscientiously and get my CV and other stuff I’ll need for applications in order. But before getting started with all of that, I’m going to take a vacation!! I’m flying to London, my favourite city, on Saturday and I’m already fairly excited :) Organising all there is to do was a bit tedious as I also caught a cold last week (it’s been between -6 to -10°C where I live…) but apart from that I’m psyched to go. I am planning on blogging a bit while I’m there, so there might be a little update on my London excursions soon enough!

Another thing I’d mentioned in my last post was that aside from the plans I had for this blog I was also toying with another idea. I’ve been wanting to start writing about politics and social issues for a while and as I want to focus more on literature, arts, film & TV on this blog (the odd random or personal post will definitely still pop up every now and then), I went ahead and created a new one to exclusively feature relating posts. My new blog was “launched” yesterday; so far only the introductory post is up but new posts are about to be uploaded soon. You can go check it out if you want:

Anyways, that’s it from me for now.





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