My Plans for January

My Plans for January

Since my last post – written a bit over a month ago – quite a bit has changed/happened. Most importantly, my mood has been lifted since then and I am not as anxious or pessimistic about my future anymore.

At the beginning of this month I finally received my B.A. in English and American Studies. I still have no clue as to what exactly I will be doing next; right now I am trying to just take some time to figure everything out. Especially considering that I at times doubted that I would even graduate at all these past months, I am relieved more than anything ;) The pressure of getting everything done and not being able to keep to my writing schedule was really stressful, so I am thankful for this little break.

For the time being I’ve decided to work on my writing a bit more conscientiously and get my CV and other stuff I’ll need for applications in order. But before getting started with all of that, I’m going to take a vacation!! I’m flying to London, my favourite city, on Saturday and I’m already fairly excited :) Organising all there is to do was a bit tedious as I also caught a cold last week (it’s been between -6 to -10°C where I live…) but apart from that I’m psyched to go. I am planning on blogging a bit while I’m there, so there might be a little update on my London excursions soon enough!

Another thing I’d mentioned in my last post was that aside from the plans I had for this blog I was also toying with another idea. I’ve been wanting to start writing about politics and social issues for a while and as I want to focus more on literature, arts, film & TV on this blog (the odd random or personal post will definitely still pop up every now and then), I went ahead and created a new one to exclusively feature relating posts. My new blog was “launched” yesterday; so far only the introductory post is up but new posts are about to be uploaded soon. You can go check it out if you want:

Anyways, that’s it from me for now.





Vacation Mode: I’m Off

In just a few hours I’m about to leave for my long-awaited holidays to Mallorca :) Already can’t wait for sun, beach, food and drinks, and most of all relaxation. Of course, I’m also hoping to get some shopping done, see some sights, and maybe go cycling or hiking (well, walking up a mountain rather).

Not sure whether I’ll keep my word but I’m planning to still blog while on vacation ;)

I hope you’re all having an enjoyable summer wherever you are!!

x, Lauren

where I’m staying at – Cala Fornells

Back to Blogging, Summer’s Finally Here & Vacation Plans :)

Back to Blogging, Summer’s Finally Here & Vacation Plans :)
taken at my uni: amazing view from the rooftop terrace
taken at my uni: amazing view from the rooftop terrace

I’M BACK! After a whole month without posting, I’m finally back. I just finished my semester last Friday and now I’m officially on summer break from Uni.The last month was filled with finals and presentations, and while I still have term papers to write, I’m positive I’ll be able to blog more again :) There are also several things right now I’m quite excited about:

1) Summer’s Here

It's finally safe to wear open-toe shoes :)
It’s finally safe to wear open-toe shoes :)

Following weeks of cold and rain, summer, warmth, and sunshine are finally here (to stay, hopefully). In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about and why sunny days in July should be a source of excitement – where I live, in Austria, you cannot simply expect to have more than 2-3 weeks of real summer. Therefore, I’m pretty thrilled and try to soak it all in before it’s gone.

My balcony flowers are bloomingly alive again!!
My balcony flowers are bloomingly alive again!!

2) Vacation Plans

This year I didn’t really plan on going anywhere abroad for vacation, not because I didn’t want to but I was simply to caught up with everything else that what I was going to do during the summer sort of got forgotten. Also, as I’ve just started a new job, I thought I might not be able to go on holiday but everything’s worked out and I’ll spend the week right after my birthday at the beach!

3) The Big 2-0

I’m turning 20 this month!! Not sure why I’m still excited over birthdays, especially when shortly before them I’m usually completely demotivated and leave any sort of planning until the last minute. But so far I am looking forward to that, too.


That’s all from me right now! New post soon, I promise ;)


My Weekend Getaway to London

So, as my last post already revealed, I went to London for a weekend getaway. Originally I thought I would write while on the trip but realised pretty soon that that won’t be the case as I was just too tired after running around the whole day.

Taken by me the morning of my departure - just an attempt at hipster-instagram-savviness
Taken by me the morning of my departure – just an attempt at hipster-instagram-savviness

All in all, I truly loved the trip. I’ve mentioned that London is my favourite city and that definitely hasn’t changed. It was my friend’s first time in the big city and her London bug has bitten, as well. Apart from minor complications, everything worked out the way we wanted it to and we really enjoyed it.

Things that went wrong:

The first thing that didn’t go as planned happened right after our arrival at Stansted airport. We were to take the Stansted Express into London; however, after almost half the journey we were held up due to overhead line problems and were, therefore, stuck in the lovely town of Harlow. Not wanting to wait for over 3 hours and being a bit in a hurry as we needed to get to the V&A in time for the exhibition, we decided to get off the train, take a cab to the closest tube station Epping (which is also the furthest from central London…), and just get to Earls Court and our hotel via underground. In fact, I didn’t mind this change of plan that much and probably would have found it funny if it wasn’t for our time issue and that it did wind up being rather pricey.


This wasn’t the only time we had to call a cab, though. After our visit at the Victoria and Albert museum (more on that later) and dinner, we came up with the brilliant idea of checking out Piccadilly Circus and some of the “famous landmarks” like Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, Big Ben and Westminster at night. While these are absolutely worth looking at at night — especially Piccadilly with its flashing lights — we did not take our “getting home options” into consideration and found out too late that the tubes stop between midnight and 1 am. There we were, miles from our hotel, in the middle of the night with no clue how to get back and as we were too stupid to understand the bus system (some bus lines do go 24 hours), we just took a cab. On top of that, I almost lost my bag as I’d forgotten it in the back of the taxi; luckily, I did notice it right after getting out when the driver was already driving off. As you can see, it was quite a day.

Next time we know better!
Next time we know better!
Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly Circus


My shameless London Eye selfie ;)
My shameless London Eye selfie ;)

Art & Fashion

One of the reasons we chose to go to London in March instead of waiting for the summer break when we would have more time was that we wanted to see the V&A’s special exhibition on the fashion designer Alexander McQueen. I’m not going to gush too much about it here as there are already tons of people more adequate (= fashion bloggers) writing and posting about it but I’m going to say that it was absolutely amazing!! Each room was assigned with a particular theme suiting the various collections and they did not only differ in the clothing displayed but there also was a change in the rooms’ design, the lighting, and the music.

My favourite part of the exhibition.
My favourite part of the exhibition.

The V&A wasn’t the only cultural go-to on our list – on Saturday, we also went to Saatchi Gallery (obviously, there are sooo many museums and galleries to visit in London). It was a nice contrast to the rather “classical” (for lack of better words) Victoria and Albert museum with its beautiful building and ornamental interior: Saatchi is modern, different, edgy, and unconventional.

IMG_8288 IMG_8290 IMG_8292IMG_8295


Undoubtedly, it’s no secret that you can get great, no amazing, food in London and as I allowed myself to take a break from lent, I could indulge in some delicious meals. Among them was my very first Nando’s dinner, a lovely three-course-meal at Comptoir, a Lebanese restaurant, some good ol’ fish ‘n’ chips (eaten at a little Notting Hill place with walls covered in framed pictures of Diana), and all the tasty titbits from the various stalls at Camden Market. As it was all very pleasing to the eye as well, here are some of my favourite pics.

Some Nando's chicken burger with fries, Lili had the beanie burger, and we shared the avocado and bean salad.
Some Nando’s chicken burger with fries, Lili’s beanie burger, and our shared avocado and bean salad.
My delicious Fresh Rose Mint tea.
My delicious Fresh Rose Mint Tea.
Hommos for starters.
Hommos for starters.
My main course: Fattet Lamb Kibbeh
My main course: Fattet Lamb Kibbeh
Lili's main course: Falafel wrap
Lili’s main course: Falafel wrap
and last but not least the dessert: Lebanese pastries Bokaj, Hadath, and Baklava
and last but not least the dessert: Lebanese pastries Bokaj, Hadath, and Baklava
Need I say more?
Diana: not only England’s rose but also Queen of that restaurant.
Stroll around Camden Market's food stalls
Stroll around Camden Market’s food stalls


My first chia pudding!!
My first chia pudding


The whole weekend was a complete blast and went by much too quickly. Other things we did were taking strolls around Kensington Gardens, doing some shopping on Oxford Street, taking a quick look through Harrods, spending Sunday morning at Camden Market, and experiencing a beautiful pastel-coloured sunset close to Buckingham Palace. Needless to say, I can’t wait to go back!!!

Kensington Gardens


Me with my childhood hero Peter Pan <3
Me with my childhood hero Peter Pan
Town crier at Camden
So beautiful!!
So beautiful!!

What I’m doing this weekend.

Tomorrow I’ll finally be roaming the streets of my favourite city in the whole wide world:


Not only have I not been to London in almost five years, but it’s also my first time going with a friend. Unfortunately, it will only be a short weekend getaway but I’m soo looking forward to it, nevertheless. One thing, probably the top thing, on our list is go see the Victoria & Albert Museum’s Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition. From what I’ve seen on Twitter and Instagram, it must be AMAZING, so I’m very excited.


Apart from that, we’re definitely going to do some sightseeing and maybe a little shopping. There’s just so much to do and the list keeps getting longer and longer. What I’m especially looking forward to is Camden Market.

That’s it from me for now. Updates from London will follow shortly :)